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Peter’s last days were unanticipated, shocking, confusing, even funny, and ultimately life affirming. Collective family memory, voice recordings, videos and photographs have helped all of us to revive, relive, ponder, understand and ultimately be grateful for his last days, and all the other days, nights and years we enjoyed with our exceptionally good man.

The font? Let’s go classical. Garamond.
I don’t want anyone to feel sorry because I’ve had a remarkable life.
These last days are going to be wonderful.
I have never felt the full power of our family.
I feel pampered.
Jan, you don’t think anything serious is gonna happen to me do you?
This is a life-enhancing experience in many ways.
It will be at the Meeting House. There will be dancing on the stage.
I need to learn to use this phone like a teenager, perhaps Olive will teach me.
Mateo! There you go buddy, Pretty cool aren’t they. Do you like them?
You wanted to see Olive’s dress. Oh I do.
You have given me the most beautiful morning.
Out of darkness there is light.

6" x 6" / 40 pages / First in Jan's series of personal memoirs.