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My life partner left his earthbound incarnation at nightfall on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023. Aware of his transition, and ready for transformation, Peter expressed resolve and contentment with five familiar words, It was all worth it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, while telling our granddaughter Olive about a series of Teddy bears that wore appliqued T-shirts gifted to friends’ newborns, a forgotten one turned up. This lost and found forty-four-year-old now stays on my bed, a daily reminder of a good man’s celebration of marriage bliss.

Of course, Peter lives on in every room of our house. His energy, spirit, humor and imagination is evidenced in countless ways. My solace and enjoyment these days is soaking it all up by sorting through photographs, notes, sketches, journals and books.  

While wearing one of his warm sweaters, it’s comforting to recall the many years of significant events and special times that we shared, beginning half a century ago when we were first known as Peter & Jan.

6" x 6" / 40 pages / The fourth in Jan's series of personal memoirs.